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A few years ago I wrote a calendar widget for web 1.0. Given that there’s a damn bug ( 61792 ) that will not allow us to use a calendar picker in web2.0 on a dialog box I’ve had to go back and rewrite my calendar picker in 100% Xojo.

In the last couple weeks we released some little widget tools and some page layout Tools. Given the number of downloads, I figured I’d make it a little more formal. I thought it be nice to actually showed it running in a browser rather than making you just download the source code. So here it is:

The stuff I posted the last couple of weeks, and the new calendar.



I see something strange in you calendar. :wink:

It’s every month on the same place.

Thanks! Fixed…


PS. July 24 is my daughters birthday!

how to select a date and close the calendar and put the date in the textbox

It was originally developed for insurance. So clicking a date before today would be bad. We would hate to have someone buy insurance starting yesterday for a house is on fire today. And the way it’s configured now you can’t choose more than 60 days into the future. But if you look at the settings in the IDE, it’s an easy change.

Choose a date it’s dark black rather than light grey


Try to dont over use those iconbuttons. The events have to make the round trip to the server, also the SVG is sent to the client each time.

For tests is ok, but for production, with more people connected or for those with a limited speed, users are going to make a second/third click before the icon responds to the first.

Hi Jay. I tried to go to your webpage but it just times out. Is there another place I can download from such as github?

Anthony Just saw this. Ill post it all to github. I will post link here shortly.

xojotoys.undtec.com is down ?

Hi Jay, Any luck on posting to github?

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