Hi all, I used to use XOJO back when it was RealStudio in highscool. I now find myself stuck after many years without coding. I am trying to get a button to display one of two words at random in a textfield when pressed.
Example of how I want to function:

When I press the button the Textfield displays “Goodnight” or it could display “Good bye”

I have attached what I have, I remember using OR statements in highschool but that doesnt seem to work.

Also could I add up to 20 words that will be able to be selected for display in the textfiel?

You can add as many as you like. :slight_smile:

Var strPhrases() As String // Initialize an Array
strPhrases=Array("Phrase 01","Phrase 02","Phrase 03","Phrase 04","Phrase 05") // Fill the Array with Values

tfTextField.Text = strPhrases(System.Random.InRange(0,4)) // Display a randomly selected Value from the Array in a TextField

BTW: A particularly warm welcome here @Emma_Frost :blush:

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Hi Emma,

Welcome to the community!

I don’t see anything attached here and I am away from my dev machine at the moment, but you would want something like the following (100% untested).

On the button right click, Event Handler, and then select the “Pressed” event.
In that event add the following:

Var intRandom as Integer

intRandom = System.Random.InRange(0, 1)
If intRandom = 0 Then
    tfTextField.Text = "Goodnight"
    tfTextField.Text = "Good bye"
End If



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I see what you did there. :laughing:

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And if you also want to use the phrases in different phases of the day :wink:

Var strPhrases1() As String
strPhrases1=Array("Phrase 01","Phrase 02","Phrase 03","Phrase 04","Phrase 05")

Var strPhrases2() As String
strPhrases2=Array("Phrase 06","Phrase 07","Phrase 08","Phrase 09","Phrase 10")

Select Case DateTime.Now.Hour
Case 0 To 12
  tfTextField.Text = strPhrases1(System.Random.InRange(0,4))
  tfTextField.Text = strPhrases2(System.Random.InRange(0,4))
End Select