Xojo team please look at Feedback 47064!

In the past I tried to use GraffitiWebButtons in a control set.
When the buttons are put in a control set, an compilation error occurs.

WebPage1.btnGWBgroup.Name Layout (property name) Type mismatch error. Expected enum GraffitiWebButton.FaceStyles, but got Int64 Name
Anthony Cyphers looked at this almost a year ago and the conclusion was that it was a bug in Xojo that was previously reported in February 2017.
This case was set to Fixed and Verified in February 2017.
Anthony added the problem, when using a control set, to the case in February 2019.
Has anybody at Xojo ever looked at this feedback after Anthony added his comment about using control sets?
This bug is bothering me for almost a year now and it almost seems that Xojo isn’t interested is solving this problem.
Very frustrating. :frowning:

Sorry, this had to get of my chest.

I think they changed the way Feedback works to avoid these reports on fixed cases. Maybe it would be better to open a new case with that information.

You are right.