Xojo sudden crash


OS 10.11.6
Xojo 2016r1.1
No 3rd party plugins installed
macOSLibrary installed
The project: Desktop app for Mac and Windows.

this morning the app I am working on started crashing when trying to launch it. That is: when I double-clicked the Xojo-project.
I got a Runtime Error message to send the report to Xojo, but then I got another message that I don’t have FeedBack installed.
I quitted Xojo, and indeed, I could not find the Feedback app that I downloaded and installed a few days ago.
I launched again the same project, and sometimes I get the same RunTime Error message, sometimes the project opens and behaves all right (I can debug and build).
After downloading Feedback, the project opens without complains.

Anyway, here is a transcript of the Runtime Error I get:
Location: Common/MacOS/MediaIOCocoa.mm:179
Condition: static_cast<FolderitemImpMac2
*>( folderitem )->GetCFURL( &url.AsRef() )

I noticed that, when I saved the project with another name (Save As), the newly saved project tended to crash, but if I duplicated the project in the Finder it would work all right.

Any idea what could be the reason?
BTW: if it happens again I’ll send the report to Xojo.
Thank you.

I think and hope I found the problem: missing picture.
Since one of the last changings I had made was about filling up the picture-sets for retina, I checked all the project’s pictures, and I noticed that one set had one slot missing, that is:
first slot: myPct32
second slot: empty
third slot: myPct32x3

Yet I remember I had created a myPct32x2, but I could not find it in the external folder where I keep all the pictures for this project.
Therefore I created a myPct32x2, and as soon as I put it into the external picture-folder, EVEN WITHOUT dropping the picture into the IDE, the second slot, by itself, showed myPct32x2.

This makes me guess that loading the project, Xojo sometimes stumbled because it could not find the missing picture and generated the Runtime Error.

Hi Carlo, I agree with your findings and reasoning, I’ve seen the same crash a few times and although I didn’t realize it at first, it was later clear that it was due to removal of images.

I made a Feedback case but currently on my iPhone so can’t give you the number.

Actually I was thinking of making a Feedback case, but first I wanted to make sure that my guess was an “educated” one.
Thank you, Gavin, for confirming it.