Xojo says 'Buy Xojo' can't add license back

I’m working with Xojo 2019 for a web1 project. I have worked for some time this morning and when I try to save I get a dialog to Save As binary format, that’s when I saw the ‘Buy Xojo’ icon.

The computer updated to Ventura 13.3 yesterday.

This is not the first time this happens. All previous times I was able to Deauthorize the license and apply it again.

I even downloaded the license and used Add… and I get this:

but the license list still empty:

Any idea?

I will create an Issue about this.

#72265 - Can’t assign back a license to Xojo 2019

email hello@xojo.com, rather than generating an issue.

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Closing Xojo 2019 and back the license now shows.

First time this happens here, weird.

Back to the Future :grin: