Xojo save format, externals, and Git

Hello all,

I’ve read several somewhat conflicting posts on this, so I’d like to get it straight before I jump off this particular cliff.

I’m starting from scratch with a new BitBucket account and Git repositories (via SourceTree on Mac OS 10.9.4, Xojo 2014r2.1)

I have several projects that I’d like to put into different repositories. These projects all share a number of external classes and modules.

What is the best practice for saving the projects? Do I upload the externals (which all live in their own directory separate from the projects) manually into their own repository? Or do they somehow magically get uploaded when uploading the Xojo project?

Do I want them all in one repository, or can I create different repositories for each Xojo project?

And should I use xojo_binary_project or xojo_project format for the commits? My understanding is that xojo_project format doesn’t support externals, so that’s probably out.

I have Thomas’ Arbed, if it helps; I could probably use this for getting around the inability of Git to deal with diffs on binary files. But should I?

Informed comments welcomed. Thanks!

you use xojo_project format (text format).

One way to handle externals is to have those as normal project items in the projects in a folder.
And those folders with shared items are a GIT subproject and synchronized via GIT to be the same in each project.