Xojo Sample apps errors


It seems that the xojo sample apps that come with Xojo for many versions they came with errors and nobody fixed them and they are just pushed always like that.

One in particular most complete one is Eddie`s electronics
If we take any of the versions we have in "OrdersDatabase-> DeleteInvoiceItems-> sql = "DELETE FROM InvoiceItems WHERE InvoiceNo=" + Str(invoiceNum)" where invoiceNum is already declared as String so no need for Str(invoiceNum) anymore .

And one in particular that i found was Invoices in the interface , for example if you go to first customer and select invoice 8886 then edit invoice , then change quantity to 3 lets say , and press change , in the quantity will be updated as well in the total and subtotal, but when you press update button the amount changes from 600 as it should be in 60000 and i guess its same issue in all the versions.

Then in the IOS version, it takes the local currency so if let`s say i have Euro as currency set on my phone if the prices are in USD when i look into the app it shows me the local currency as EUR which is not correct.

Those errors were specifically left like that for the new ones to learn or are just mistakes ?

The last test was done today in Xojo 2016R4, if i will find more i will post them here eventually .

Thanks .

If you find problems with the examples (or anything else), be sure to create Feedback cases so we can schedule them to be researched and fixed.

Thanks Paul, i will do that

They should leave the bugs in to catch people who just copy and paste code without reading it.

Paul, the DatabasePictureTest example has errors too. I don’t have a current version of Feedback and don’t have time right now to download.