Xojo run php script

I would like to use a php class which handle database replication from local db to our cloud db. Our desktop application on windows use mysql db. I would like to call this php scrypt with timer. Is this possible to achieve this without installing php on client pc only with php.exe and php7ts.dll?

if plugins are an option, use mbs:

If you can distribute a working version of php with your app, you can call it via the Shell class.

Best is to put php on Webserver.
Most code snippets expect apache, environment variables and extensions and something is always missing…

I managed to run a php file via console on windows and pass a argument to it. But i had to register system variable within windows os, which i would like to avoid on client pc as this will sooner or later cause issues. It seems best way is to use Json and communicate directly with sql server.