Xojo, REST API and Apple News

We are newspaper publishers and our primary Xojo app is our editorial system. It’s essentially a fancy front end to a MySQL db which is then synced over to a web version of the database for access by our web server.
With the invent of Apple News, the proposal has been put that we integrate an Apple News ‘export’ option into the existing application. The problem is that I have zero knowledge of REST APIs and scarcely any web experience. - frankly I have no idea where to start. Whilst researching REST last night it made me more confused than when I started.
Can someone give me a brief, layman’s terms overview of how REST works and how I might integrate this into a Xojo app? The SQL side of things is fine, I have no doubt we can isolate the stories we wish to publish and even parse them into the required JSON format, I just have no idea what to do after this to get them to Apple.
Just to add, we are already established and approved as a publisher and have the required Channel ID and API Key. We’ve published a few test stories via the iCloud News Publisher app for testing purposes and that’s all working fine.

Hi Kim,

you can start here with XOJO Webinars if you don’t know them:



greetings Björn

Thanks Björn, I’m halfway through the JSON one as we speak :slight_smile: I’ll watch the web-services ones after this.

Later today there is is new live webinar to your topic:

Making a Database Web Service
REST web services are a great way to create re-usable, shareable code. In this webinar you’ll learn how you can create a web service to access a simple database with tips on how to use it with desktop, web and iOS apps.
Mar 22, 2016 1:00 PM (GMT-4:00) Eastern Time (US and Canada)

also check out Luna… it is Xojo classes to make REST APIs easier with Xojo. if I can dig up the link I will post it here.


Researching REST left me very unrested :). I’m going to dig into those webinars as well.

You are welcome to join our conference and training. The use of web services is a training topic there!

@Christian Schmitz - I do wish that you were broadcasting the event. A bit tough to run off to Germany :).