Xojo reports/interface reports.dataset - 64 bit broken ?

Just to be clear, this issue you are running into may be specific to the printer driver you are using and why Norman is having trouble reproducing it.

Just because one of our testers did, doesn’t necessarily mean that the engineer that Is looking into it can. Norman is just trying to get enough information from you to fix it correctly the first time.

Are there any news on this subject?
I have the same problem on MacOs 10.13.4 with Xojo 2017 1.1
No matter if I’m trying to print (to PDF) from the Examples or if I’m trying to print out of my own application, 32 Bit is working, 64 Bit gives me blank pages.
Since the latest MacOs is requesting explicitly for 64 Bit applications, it’s absolutely necessary that this funktion is working with 64 Bit.