Xojo Report Writer resolution

Is there a way to increase the resolution of the of the printer setup to > 96 dpi using Xojo 2017r1.1.

If not when will this be fixed? This makes the report writer essentially useless because the report resolution is based on the printersetup resolution passed to it.

Using the same code in earlier versions returns 600 dpi. :frowning:

I’ve tried messing around with the MBS plugins but haven’t been able to produce a ps with res > 96dpi.

I also have a license for Valentina reports, but don’t have the time to figure out how to implement that complicated mess right now.


Thanks Norman, but I believe my problem is different. The report writer uses the resolution from the printer string passed to it. So there is no way to control the size/resolution of the report.

Try running the example>Printing And Reporting>Reporting>Products>List Of Products.xojo_binary_project

I would be pleased if you would show me a way to print a report (using the Xojo report writer) with > 96 dpi.

Here is the results:


The “other thread” referred to is this one https://forum.xojo.com/39893-horizontal-vertical-print-resolution-96-dpi/p1#p324967

Direct2D ALWAYS tells you its drawing 96 dpi regardless of what the printer might actually support
And the printersetup horizontal and vertical resolution cant be set - otherwise you might be able to override it by getting the setup then simply overwriting them before telling the report to run

And using the print preview code from one of the examples to draw to a hi rez picture that you then draw to the actual printer probably wont help either (you’d have to ask to draw every page one at a time this way which would be slow)

Will have to have a look

OK same issue then.

So does that mean Report Writer is going extinct?


[quote=339877:@Neil Burkholder]OK same issue then.

So does that mean Report Writer is going extinct?

Not sure why you’d think that thread is indicative of it “going extinct”
That thread simply points out that for certain needs it works
For other more complex requirements a third party solution may be better
Or even a custom written one

It’s never been intended to be the only way to do things and others have certainly done a lot of work to craft different solutions BKeeney, Valentina which are still actively used maintained & updated
And then a few others that seem to no longer exist or be supported

OK I did a little more research. My old app (compiled w/xojo 2015r3) saves a printer setup string with res 600 dpi. Trying to print in the app compiled with xojo 2017r1.1 using the same printer setup string causes an out of bounds exception.

In Xojo 2017 it is impossible to create reports with > 96 dpi using report writer.

This greatly reduces the usefulness of the report writer. The report writer was a nice ‘lite’ tool for simple stuff.

It makes me sad to go back to an older version of Xojo until I can find time to implement a 3rd party report tool.