xojo release 2016 4.1 seems to have a bug

there seems to be a bug in release 4.1 2016 which i just downloaded and installed late yesterday.

I am working with MAC OS 10.10.5
I load my project
when i click on and item in the Contents selection nothing happens, as if any one of the contents has no effect.
the main selection remains blank.
This happened once before (yesterday) and went away, now the issue is back.

Please advise.



A Screen shot is here.

when any of the controls or mainwindow are clicked there is no code loaded in the mainview.


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Use a respectable image host like imgur.com or your own personal website.

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this works

Per that screenshot you don’t have anything selected, you have the search field selected.

I would suggest you use imgur.com in the future.

please indicate WHAT you clicked on…and what you EXPECTED to show.

otherwise this is just a picture of a “functional” Xojo IDE window … as in “there is nothing to see here”

i rebooted, and the problem seems to have gone away.

if it happens again i will try to get a video of the issue


Please mark the answer whether it’s from you or someone else. Will save people a lot of wading through detritus to see what’s going on. Thx.