Xojo R2 Reviews

Good and Bad new for xDev Magazine:

a. Yes ! Plenty of new entries have to be done ! :wink:
b. All previous work is now useless… :frowning:

Has anyone experienced a speed issue with larger projects opening? We are experiencing a substantial slow down by 3 times.

Project Loading 2019r1.1
Windows10 - 1 min 14 seconds
MacOS Mojave - 1 min 4 seconds

Project Loading 2019r2 - This is after the project was opened, edited, saved, and closed multiple times.
Windows10 - 3 min 18 seconds
MacOS Mojave - 3 min 10 seconds

Debug run also takes an additional 10-20 seconds with 2019r2.

This has been timed on various machines, but varies by very little.

Yup. <https://xojo.com/issue/57372> (visible to PreRelease Testers)
This case has been closed because the behavior described is not a bug.
And I won’t write what I’m thinking about that :wink:

[quote=458296:@Jürg Otter]Yup. <https://xojo.com/issue/57372> (visible to PreRelease Testers)
This case has been closed because the behavior described is not a bug.
And I won’t write what I’m thinking about that ;)[/quote]

It may not be a bug, but I think it’s definitely something to consider should you move to r2. More lost time watching a progress bar. Not fun and NOT productive! One of the main reasons I started using RB/Xojo was because of productivity gains… slowly but surely, that seems to be disappearing.

A new post from Bob Keeney concerning 2019R2 and API 2.0

i think Greg O’Lone like to close tickets over-hasty without agreement.

It’s hard to argue with this one.

The deprecation warnings are irrelevant. “Does not run correctly” is the important part, so what exactly doesn’t run correctly?

Theyre not entirely irrelevent
Deprecation warnings may be hiding future problems

As well the volume of them may be obscuring other warnings that are more immediate issues
I have one client app with > 20,000

In the case of API 2.0 the deprecated warnings are meaningless since API 1.0 will most likely be around forever. I mean it’s really a BAD use of deprecations because they are NOT going away any time soon. Should be more like “we have a replacement you should use.”

I have an 2019r1.1 Web project that won’t compile under 2019r2 without changes. The issues were related to Locale vs Xojo.Core.Locale. It wasn’t too hard to fix but when I fixed one one thing another broke. It was frustrating.

I put in a feature request for this. Mark them “deemphasized” instead of “deprecated”.

I’ve never understood the fascination with having to have zero items in the “Check Project” list. Maybe I’m just not OCD enough.

That’s a good idea Kem. Maybe mark them as API 1.0 and update depreciations to support more than one category.

[quote=457878:@Norman Palardy]The syntax help tips werent themselves very helpful because of the way params used to be named
Everything was “index”[/quote]
You’re referring only to Xojo’s methods, but of course Syntax Help applies to one’s own methods as well! Tremendously helpful imo.

Since R2 launched I have heard from many customers who are unhappy that GraffitiSuite adds more than 11,000 deprecation warnings to their projects.

That’s <https://xojo.com/issue/57888>.

And there is <https://xojo.com/issue/57885> (in Top 10) and <https://xojo.com/issue/56856> (close to Top 20).
Many of us want a way to work more productively with API 1 → 1&2 → 2. It’s up to Xojo to invest in their professional user’s needs.

They should not be deprecated but simply missing from autocomplete.

The fact that they are deprecated is them warning us that they reserve the right to change at any time… to which we need no reminder hence API 2.0.

Kem - I have not yet a chance to evaluate exactly why things do not work as they should but noticed two things. Unfortunately, I have been too busy with family issues to look further but hope to get more time over the next few weeks.

My application makes heavy use of MySQL databases. In one case the application deletes the database file when it closes and rebuilds the database from a text file when restarted. it’s probably not the best way to do things, but has worked for years to indicate whether or not the application did a clean shutdown. Last time I tested it, the database file was not always completely deleted - although it seems like it no longer showed in the folder.

In another situation, the user can load a file into the application. There are two cases - “load” or “merge”. In the load case, the current DB file is deleted and started fresh, in the second case, the file is merged into the current DB - but ONLY if there is not already a duplicate record in the DB.

My last testing showed that merging a file simply added records to the current DB and created duplicates of every entry when you load a file into itself.

The transition from RB to Xojo seemed easier and more “gentle”. The transition from 2019R1.1 to 2019R2 seems like a major stumble. When something no longer works as it used to, and you see thousands of depredations, where do you start ?

Today @Geoff Perlman published a blog post about the transition to API 2.0: Your Path Forward with API 2.0.