XOJO R 3.2 - big bug

following problem: I want to change the port of my webapps, so I click in the build Settings on “shared”, and whups: Xojo crashed: “a fatal error”.

I thought “okaay, so you have to reinstall xojo” - thought, done, but: same error.
Then I tried with other projects - same!
Last I tried on my private notebook - same!

I use the release 2013 3.2

Any ideas?

Upgrade to 2013r3.3 which fixes this issue.

Why does xojo don’t Show that there is a new Version?

I seem to not get notified of updates. You could write your own software that automatically checks for updates with Xojo for you. :wink: I check the Xojo download site regularly for updates.

Do you have the preferences in your current version of Xojo to check for updates?
Plus the fact that it is posted on this forum within hours of its release…

3.3 Release Announcement