Xojo quitting when without a window

I’m using 2018r4 under W7, and since yesterday under W10.

Is it my imagination or does the IDE really quit under W10 when it has no project window open? This does not happen under W7. That it seems to do so under W10 is really inconvenient.

Like nearly all Window apps, on Windows Xojo quits by default when it has no windows open.

You can change that behavior in Preferences with the “When closing last window” setting.

[quote]When closing last window
When “Keep Xojo running” is selected, a new icon appears in the Taskbar Notifications area (also known as the System Tray) and Xojo remains running when you close the last Workspace window (instead of quitting). You can right-click on the Notification icon to display a menu with “New Project”, “About Xojo” and “Exit”. “New Project” opens the Project Chooser window, “About Xojo” displays the About window and “Exit” quits Xojo completely.[/quote]

Yes - thanks - sorry about that. I’m having a plethora of difficulties today with W7, W10, versions of IE and its renderer, builds failing with only a fleeting error window, my head is spinning …