XOJO QuickStartWeb PDF

This may have been addressed before - but my searches found nothing.

Why is this PDF posted - when the example it shows - with only 4 lines of code - doesn’t work ?
You would think someone would have addressed it or at least provided an update to the PDF (xojo-quickstartweb.pdf)
(Copied and pasted exactly as written from the PDF)

Dim location As New WebMapLocation
location.Address = LocationField.Text


When executed - 2 exact errors: XOJO states: LocationMap.GoToLocation(location) Doesn’t Exist

I just don’t understand the logic of not updating an Official PDF - that does not work!

I just tried it and it works perfectly. Make sure you follow the instructions and name the controls correctly.

On page 19 “Map Viewer Properties” are the steps to change the name of the MapViewer control to LocationMap. Once you do that your code should work fine.

You’re right Paul - I must have not hit (RETURN) when changing that name!