XOJO professional deploy web apps to another server

Does anyone know if the pro version of Xojp allows web apps to be deployed (with manually or Automatically) to a different server other than Xojo Cloud? I have purchased pro but when I try to "compile’ the app I don’t get the option to deploy to anything but the xojo cloud. xojo cloud

Make sure you select the target in your project’s Build Settings.
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The default is Xojo Cloud, you need to select another platform to deploy the app on your own server.

Only manually deploy.

First you compile to your target (Linux usually) then you upload the app to your server.

If you want an app to make the process simpler see Tim’s Lifeboat at

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Ah thank you to everyone. I did not have those other options checked. I have done that and its working now.


Actually, I have tried this on my own webserver and I don’t see any files that look like Web-type files. I used the Linux option when I compiled and it seemed to make some files when I upload them to the website and run it nothing happens. Is there a specific file that I should be accessing when I have uploaded them to the website

Maybe you first want to have a look at the documentation about Web Deployment


Xojo Web does not create files to be added to a webserver instead it creates a standalone web application (webserver) that needs to run and use a port.

Perhaps these articles might help you. Or use Lifeboat as mentioned above, for an easy deployment.


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Hi Chris,

I’m Tim, the guy who makes Lifeboat. The build output from Xojo Web is an executable as Alberto mentions. I just wanted to add that what this executable does is runs your whole application. It is the webserver.

To deploy a Xojo Web application, you need to have a server where you are able to run your own executables. You don’t add the files to a regular website setup (as was my first thought when I started with Xojo Web all those years ago).

I built Lifeboat to help everyone get on the web. There’s a five minute quickstart video if you’re curious. I’m also happy to answer any questions you might have about deploying Xojo Web applications with Lifeboat.

To Alberto and Jeannot, I really appreciate your personal recommendations <3 It means so much to me that people like Lifeboat and it drives me to continue development. Thanks, friends.

If anyone has any questions about Lifeboat please don’t hesitate to reach out directly, post a thread, or ping me to an existing thread.

Best wishes,
Tim Parnell


Also @Chris_Timm, to help users in years to come, you should tick the ‘correct answer’ post (ie @Jeremie_L’s) as the Solution, rather than yourself!

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