Xojo Productivity Issues - "Xojo Pro"

An interesting thread exists in the Xojo Pro forum: Xojo Productivity issues - General - Xojo Programming Forum, I can not comment in that forum because it is for Pro users only, but I will say that I am a “pro” user. I code in RB/Xojo 5-8 hours a day. I just do desktop applications, thus do not need Web, Console, etc… Thus I guess I am not “Pro” by those standards.

Anyway, I would like to add to the excellent list:

Shift Return on ElseIf line in IDE does not insert “Then”

Show method help in editor while typing - as mouse hover does

No feedback items exist yet, but I’d also like to see a much more powerful editor in general. I’ll have to go through and add some feedback for common tasks done in a programmers editor such as Emacs, Vim, BBEdit or Sublime.

Yeah a number of us feel “insulted”, as we are Professional Developers by industry standards, yet are slighted by Xojo because we didn’t “pay” to be part of the “elite”

This. I don’t think it’s a good solution having a “Pro” - forum for the “elite”, even I’m a “Pro” - customer. It’s not meant this way by the Xojo team but it tastes like for non “Pros”.

They should scrap this idea now whilst they have an opportunity IMO - don’t see this working somehow

Yes. There’s no such thing like a “Pro-Question” or “Pro-Answer”, therefore I really dunno what to post there and the OPs post shows what happens: Informations and engagements get split.

Perhaps the “Pro” name is misleading but I don’t think the Xojo team idea was to discriminate someone.

[quote]Got a Xojo Pro license? This channel is exclusively for you[/quote] lol

Yep, doesn’t taste well. But as we all know the difference between a theoretical concept and the real world, I’m sure Xojo will change this in the future. Keep this “Pro”-channel completely closed, i.e for the beta testers, or make it available to all. That’s my humble opinion.

I’ll give you a very honest reply here. The value of Pro (beyond the licenses) is the priority support and the extra weight on feedback. The Pro channel might or might not be valuable. I haven’t made up my mind on that yet. To the extent that it becomes an attractor for the most interesting Xojo conversations, it could. If I just have to play in the Pro forum to keep my fingers on the pulse of things and learn the most important things, that would be great. Right now, there is an awful lot of noise in the forums to sift through.

I really like what they’re doing with pro. They’re stepping up the value chain, above licenses and code. If you don’t understand what that value is, then going “pro” for its own sake isn’t for you. If you do, then at the price it’s offered, I’d recommend it to you regardless of how little you would otherwise spend on licenses.

Naming it “pro” is brilliant marketing. It’s challenging you to affirm just how professional you are. Many are accepting that challenge.

I owned Enterprise for a while, maybe I was lucky but never needed priority support and the extra weight in Feedback never helped any of the issues I had get fixed more quickly. There were certainly issues I submitted and were fixed, there were other issues I through my “Pro” weight onto that were not fixed.

That being said… I agree that there should be a “Pro” version with priority support, more weight in Feedback, etc… I may one day upgrade to Pro again. What I disagree with is the thought that “Pro” users need those issues to be fixed so that they, as “Pro”, can be productive. i.e. anyone without “Pro” status does not need to be productive. In reality, anyone who has committed to using Xojo in a project needs to be productive.

Another thought, as one already mentioned… Pro questions and Pro answers? I think its a bad idea, but it is what it is life will continue :slight_smile:

What exactly is the “Pro-Forum…?”

A forum channel where only the “Pro-Customers” can post. Currently not more or less. So, to be honest: I dunno. :wink:

The channel. And look, if Xojo doesn’t provide a meeting place for “elite” users, one of the “elite” users will take it upon himself to do so. Truth: there are a number of alpha dogs in every large pack. They typically like to hang out with other alpha dogs who understand all the burdens of being an alpha dog. Xojo lets you declare your alpha status for a pretty low price, all things considered.

What is an “elite User…?” - I am struggling to see the Value Added Element. Several members of the old forum including those with non enterprise licenses (The hobbyist) contributed more than even “on the payroll staff”.

If one was to Purchase a Desktop, Console and a Web License at 660 euro’s. One would still be excluded from Posting in the Pro/Elite forum. - :frowning: sorry Brad it stinks.

Wuff. I’m happy to be socialized enough to not need a “Alpha-Dog-Elite-Stuff” environment.

I’m just bringing truth to you guys, OK? One requirement of being an alpha dog is recognizing that there is a pecking order. I know it sounds totally unfair and arbitrary, but there are people who will join. And they’ll be elite and you won’t. And they’ll think it’s ridiculous that you’re complaining about the pecking order from lower in the pecking order. See my sentence above about “brilliant”.

My first year as a “professional” software development, I dropped over $2000 on memberships and development tools. In 1991 dollars. This isn’t a lot of money.

Thanks for the truth. I’m 56.

Well truth be told… I do not own a “PRO” license… I’m a professional enough developer to be able to use the lowly desktop version to produce VERY professional applications (thank you very much)… I’ve been in this industry for almost 40 years now…

And for what it is worth, I was the 3rd most active contributor on the previous RealStudio forum… and that being said, I will continue to offer my expertise in both Xojo, and programming techniques in general whenever I can. But it will be done in the “public” forum areas, where EVERYONE can benefit.

Frankly, I don’t see the benefit of it other than it creates a bundle of all the products I want. I have the Pro (former enterprise) but the forum and other benefits aren’t that compelling. I may even end up dropping it with the new license scheme. Maybe if they added other features to it like the referral program or discounts to conferences. I guess I might benefit from the more portable license since I bounce from a work computer to a home computer to a laptop. But even then I think the license will bounce with me. I haven’t investigated that enough.

In short, it’s not that great, just convenient. They could make it great though. And probably should.

Dave: This.