Xojo Pro Renewal Unbundling

I have an expired studio license which has been converted into an expired Xojo Pro license. I can’t post in the Xojo Pro forum (although I can see it) presumably because my license is expired. (I wanted to post this to the Xojo Pro board…)

  1. I only have the option of upgrading Xojo Pro as a single piece, I can’t just upgrade individual components. (The only real cost saving for Xojo Pro / Real Studio was for all the server stuff which I have never used and will never use.) I’d like to be able to get say the desktop product — and maybe console or web)

  2. Is there any way of testing the web stuff without licensing it. I’ve never seen the web product working worth a damn, so I’m not really interested in paying for it unless I have some confidence it works. I guess I could pay and ask for my money back.

I’m sure customer service can help you out: custserv@xojo.com

[quote=10339:@Tonio Loewald]

  1. I only have the option of upgrading Xojo Pro as a single piece, I can’t just upgrade individual components. [/quote]

I was told awhile back by someone at Xojo that would NOT be the case…

I had an old Win Pro RS license and and old enterprise license both expired. I renewed the Win Pro License for several years which got converted to Desktop + DB + console.

I did that with the assurance that if I wanted to, oncwe Xojo was released I could renew only web from the old Enterprise license which then would effectively give me all the new ‘pro’ components…

I’m not sure if that would be treated as the equivalent of a Pro license (with the added features of being able to post in the pro forum and be guaranteed to be included in the beta program)…

If that was the case, the added complication of renewing \desktop, DB + console for several years and Web for only 1 year could complicate licensing further.

All this is making my head spin! :wink:

  • Karen

I also have an expired Pro license, that was current to April of this year. 2013 R1 should have shipped in first quarter 2013. From what I understand if you have an expired pro license you can still upgrade to the pro version at the old renewal price, 150 dollars.

When I went on the website, renewal for a converted pro license is 350 a year. A little clarification would be nice.

Email custserv@xojo.com regarding any renewal questions.

Yes, you can run the web app in the IDE, which will then bring up the client in your default browser. You can also then connect (run the client) from any other machines on your network, including mobile devices - just use the same URL shown in your default browser. If you have difficulty getting that to work, let us know and we should be able to help.

You can run and test web apps directly from Xojo for free, but you can’t create builds to deploy.

However, you can download pre-built web apps to test deployment on your servers from here: