Xojo Pro and Android

Good afternoon :wink:

Was quite shocked about the price increase today…

But then again made me think if it has to do something with future Android target…though nothing in the new 2022 release…

So what is the plan for Android then?

Will it be included in the Pro license or not?
Will there be a seperate iOS and Android only license?

Just thinking if I should renew my desktop or pro license in the next 30 days :wink:

This price change is not related to Android or this specific release. We try to keep costs low, so price changes are rare but they have to happen some time. Android will be included in the following licenses: Xojo iOS (to become Xojo Mobile), Xojo Pro and Xojo Pro Plus. Renew your desktop or Pro licenses in the next 30 days to save $100.

If you have any other questions about pricing or licenses please contact hello@xojo.com.


To add a couple things to what Dana said:

Xojo for Android remains in active pre-release testing. The plan is to ship it when we feel it is ready.

Yes, and if you have an active Pro license you can access the Android pre-release now.