Xojo, postgres and scram authentification?

Hi folks,
I’m migrating a postgres server from v9 to v14, on an M1 mac
it’s almost done, but my xojo app that connect to it tells me that
“authentification mode 10 is not supported”
it seems that postgres uses scram password since v10, and the v9 is md5
do you know when does xojo postgres plugin support scram authentification ?
my app is API 1 and 2019r11.

Yes, starting with version 2021r2.

Although, if you are only interested in supporting macOS, technically scram support was added to Xojo in 2020r2.

i remember older xojo works with postgres v12x at windows
at v13 new authentification was default.

so I’m stuck I must update the app to API2 … :frowning:

and postgres 14 is the first to support M1 macs

No you don’t.The API 1 code WILL Compile in newer versions of Xojo. I have the same need but I do my coding in 2019r1.1 but do the compile in a version that supports scram.

I would switch to a newer version of API 1 Autocomplete kept working in them … But as I do Save As to while working on things, that is not an option.


I have quite some methods I made in API1 that xojo team found fun to name exactly the same as mine on API2. so compile will get a lot of errors on API2 …

anyway I found this :

will try it tomorrow.

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le stackoverflow above works. it is less secure but my old xojo app can connect to the postgressql database.