Xojo paste value to Excel

I’m working on Windows app that get some value from thermometer. I would like to paste that value to open Excell workbook. Excell is installed on PC.
What would be the best way to do this pasting of about 5 values to one row, each value to different cell?

dim c as new clipboard c.text = "cell1"+chr(9)+"cell2"+chr(9)+"cell3"+chr(9)+"cell4"+chr(9)+"cell5"+chr(13) 'you can add other rows the same way c.close

Jean thank you for quick reply.
What is the function of last chr(13) ?

go to the line below. so that you can make another line c.text=c.text+… if you want to add data on another row.
if it’s only for one row, the chr(13) is not needed.

replace chr(13) with endofline.