Xojo Opencv - Imagewell is blank

Hello Everyone,
I am trying to use OpenCV with Xojo.
I am fairly new to Xojo and have never used OpenCv before.
I am trying to make an app which can detect faces, which I can then link to my main app, to login to it.
I don’t know where to begin with. I have installed the OpenCv 3.0 releases and copied it to local directory. I have also downloaded sample apps from the Xojo OpenCV Git.
Then I tried the Camera Sample App. I found that after I click on the Start Button, I can see the frames getting counted, but I don’t see anything in ImageWell, where I think I am suppose to see the images clicked by the web cam. The webcam is also initiated since the led next to the webcam glows. But i don’t know why the images don’t get displayed on the screen.
Similarly when I tried with the video sample, the screen goes blank instead of white.
However, if I try the Hough Lines sample app, it works well.

Can anyone please assist.