Xojo on Xubuntu is completely unusable for me. Anyone else?

I’m pretty new to the Xojo landscape but I’ve learned really fast. I’ve switched almost my entire workflow from Windows to Xubuntu and have been loving it. The ONLY reason I’m still running Windows at all now is Xojo.

I installed Xojo on Xubuntu 13.10 and it looked great. But over the course of about 20-45 minutes of use, the UI becomes so slow that I can literally type an entire line of code before it shows up in the editor. Moving controls can take upwards of 30 or so seconds with the UI being so slow that I can’t really tell where my controls are until I drop them.

I really hate having to work on Windows ONLY for Xojo. I know I’ve seen others talking about poor Xojo performance on Linux but I’m wondering if anyone has found a workaround to it?

I have the exact same problem, but on Linux Mint. I too am only sticking to Windows because of Xojo. The IDE is almost unusable on all the Linux distros that I have tried. The IDE on Windows is pretty smooth; however, there’s something being handled on Linux differently. Not sure what it is, but it’s not working for me. I made a post before that simple typing in the code editor made the CPU usage jump to nearly 100%. In a blank code editor, simply holding down the backspace key uses so much CPU that the computer basically bogs down. Even things like moving the mouse over the IDE on some components makes the CPU jump. Whatever calls are being made with events such as MouseMove, MouseEnter, MouseExit & Text/Selection Changes within the IDE code itself… they all need to be severely optimized on Linux before I’ll attempt it again.

not intending to Hijack but I didn’t move to XoJo (still using RS2012r2) simply because I can’t stand the changed design of the IDE. I did; however, load XoJo (some version) onto a Linux box a while back and found that it was much slower than using RB2012r2 on Windows.

Rick[quote=98064:@Rick Yerex]not intending to Hijack but I didn’t move to XoJo (still using RS2012r2) simply because I can’t stand the changed design of the IDE. I did; however, load XoJo (some version) onto a Linux box a while back and found that it was much slower than using RB2012r2 on Windows.[/quote]

For the app I’m writing, I’d happily use RB2012 but I can’t because the IDE simply won’t load (another known problem, as I understand it). Every time I try to load it on my Linux machine it segfaults and dies. I’d have to go all the way back to 2011 to get a version that works and, of course, my license doesn’t allow me to do that so I’m screwed.

I’m glad to see I’m not the only one experiencing this. I spoke with the guy who introduced me to Xojo (through a class) and he said he’s had this problem too - and you. So it definitely seems like it’s not just our machines. Have you filed a bug on this yet?

I’ve switched from Ubunto to Mint 16 32bit with the XFCE. I’ve been pretty happy with it so far. This seems to be pretty close to the Xubuntu distro. Are you able to try out? I don’t see a slow down over time that was reported by others.

Would you be able to run the Windows version of Xojo on Linux using one of the available Windows emulators?

I am awaiting Xojo 2014r2 today, try that version and send feedback with your experience here.

You are?

Probably counting days from the release of 2014r1
Whats overlooked is we have said “quarterly releases” for some time instead of “every 90 days”

I definitely might try it out after this project. Right now, I can’t be bothered to do a whole new operating system install. Thanks for the tip though, that might get me through the next project until this is fixed!

I hadn’t thought about that - or even know if it works. I might give it a try and see what happens.

So I tried installing the lastest Windows build of Xojo in WINE on Xubuntu. It was even worse! The windows took forever to load and paint, switching windows or tabs took forever, and…yeah.

What I might have to do is use an older version of RS (like 2012) in WINE. 2012’s Linux version doesn’t work on Xubuntu (it segfaults) but I bet it will work fine in WINE. So I might be able to do that. PLEASE Xojo, FIX THIS BUG!

Back on topic, I’m the skeptic on these sluggish running reports and my Linux installs always normally run fine. However, I thought I’d hit this one more time and I just installed a XUbuntu 32bit 14.04 VM with 1 Processor and 1GB) and I have to agree that the performance is very poor on a mid-sized project (45 windows, 111 Modules / Classes). I then stopped the VM and increased the processor cores to 2 and the memory to 2GB and things did not improve.

While opening the project is normal, opening a window and clicking a control takes an inordinate amount of time as the Contents Listbox is updated and the selection highlight is drawn on the selected control - measured in long seconds. The refresh that I’m seeing on the Contents listbox looks like the entire listbox is being refilled and redrawn multiple times.

My next change was to disable 3D for the VM’s video settings and there was no difference.

I’m digging deeper to see if I can provide a useable strace log to the Xojo team on this.