Xojo on Windows

I’m having some troubles with the report designer on Windows platform:

  1. many times the name of the control is resetted to its default name
  2. The positions of the controls, and also the alignment, are not the same in the designer and in the printing
  3. in the body are printed three records; when I put somewhat in the pagefooter section, the last line in the body disappears
  4. the designer is terribly slow: in the inspector jumping from a property to the following one takes up to three or four seconds

Does anybody have the same experience?

Yes. Your problem with 1. is that you need to press the enter key to make the name stick. Other fields seem to keep their values on lost focus. Report footers were broken & reported in the beta stage, but couldn’t be fixed before release.

Not sure about those, but what bugs me is you have to right click >> delete to delete an item from the navigator and when you do press the delete key on some if not all objects, it deletes the name of the selected object.

Maybe include the ability to delete with the delete button with a nice “Do you want to delete ?” MessageDialog in case of accidental delete button presses?