Xojo on small PC? (Windows or Linux)


I’m looking for a device which is very small (like Raspi or Arduino) and which can run xojo-apps.

Does anyone know a small PC (Windows/ Linux)? If yes: do you have an link?

PC Engines

1st Embedded

Via pico-itx


Well Norman,
thats it!

Other question: are there any mobile divices with which can run xojo apps?

apart from Windows-Tablets^^

Is this small enough?? Basically 32-bit x86 running Linux.


lol, yes that’s quite too small^^
With mobile I mean a tablet or smartphone f. e.


I have a Sony P-Series small laptop. http://www.sony.co.uk/hub/vaio-p-series

It’s really dinky, but runs a full version of Windows, it’s damn slow but also has a ‘Retina’ screen. It’s tight, but I can use it for Xojo on the go. Much easier to type on than a smart phone or tablet.

I run XOJO apps on Vortex based x86 SBCs. Currently I’m using a RoBoard (www.RoBoard.com). Works like a champ.


What do you think, are these ARM or x86 boards with Linux (Debian) running a Xojo service app?