Xojo on Mavericks

Okay, downloading Mavericks now.
Do the ones that have tried it have any issues using Xojo on Mavericks that we need to be aware of prior to install?

There are some little things, so we expect a Xojo bugfix release soon.
I personally didn’t see problems.

PS: And we have new plugins for Mavericks.

[quote=41850:@Albin Kiland]Okay, downloading Mavericks now.
Do the ones that have tried it have any issues using Xojo on Mavericks that we need to be aware of prior to install?[/quote]
I’ve been using Mavericks since beta 1 without issue.

Great guys :slight_smile:
Thank you!

i am downloading maverick now.

Downloading it right now (and reading this Forum on Safari 6.1 already) :slight_smile:

Well, I had some listboxes in a containercontrol which no longer displayed the column headings on Mavericks.
But clicking, resizing and saving them did the trick: now they show again, when built on Maverick.

Second thing which happened to me was that codesigning (using AppWrapper) did not work correctly any more. Then I checked the option “Force sign …” from AppWrapper’s Advanced preferences and so it worked again.

Otherwise I have not experienced any problems so far.

Any feedback on overall performance with Mavericks compared to Mountain Lion?

I’ve just written about two issues which have plagued me for a wee while (since I started using the GM on my dev machine), and how they affect us Xojo users, now that I can talk about them.
Mavericks & Preferences
Mavericks, Xojo & Code signing (Mac App Store Issue)

Apart from these issues, I’ve not seen others and really enjoy using Mavericks on my dev machine.

It’s faster, much smoother. you’ll notice it on any app. however i don’t the way it displays Launchpad or Mission Control… it’s slow (the same for iOS 7 animations) and if you’re using trackpad it’s even worse. (my opinion)

I have a 15" Mid-2010 MacBook Pro with 8 GB of RAM and primarily use the integrated video card (it has a discrete video card as well) and I have found Mavericks to be very snappy compared to Mountain Lion, but I am not a heavy computer user like some of the other members here and have not even begun to play with the new Finder features… Unlike Mojtaba I find the Launchpad and Mission Control to actually appear faster than when I was on Mountain Lion (but neither are features I really use)

I’m just restoring from a time machine backup (back to Mountain Lion) after my upgrade caused my macbookpro to get caught in an endless death loop on bootup.

Performance wise: I’ve not seen anything to complain about, it feels just as smooth as ML on a mid-2012 rMBP.

I have to say however, I found a bug with one of the beta’s where my app would die in seconds (it was a combination of CoreGraphics and CoreImage). Apple fixed it, but in the mean I went searching for alternatives and found a different function, which is what lead to the 2x speed improvement in Shine and reduced memory usage! So if it wasn’t for that killer bug, I probably would never have moved on and gotten such an enhancement to Shine :slight_smile:

I reported a bug today against Xojo running on Mavericks. When you drop into the debugger (exception, breakpoint, break) it usually brings Xojo to the front. I had many times today where it didn’t and sitting there wondering why my app is all of a sudden not responding when it was really stopped in the debugger.

The worst thing was that it wasn’t consistent. It would work sometimes and other times not.


I’m pleasantly surprised that they made Spaces work right with multiple monitors. It took a little wading through the help to find out how it was all supposed to work, but now that I know, I couldn’t be happier.

@Bob: that isn’t specific for Mavericks. Haven’t reported this for my ML machine but I’m getting this once in a while.

@Bob: This Debugger Focus-Thing also happend to me before on Mountain Lion, it seems not to be Maverick specific.

Is there anyone that have tried to run the old RealStudio 2012r2.1 on OS X Mavericks? Does it work? Are there any issues?
I need to know that because I’m actually still relying on the old IDE.

Thank you

Talking about multiple monitors:
these … in one application to display TV (DVB-T) keeps the MenuBar above my TV images…

I also found tons (around 10) bugs / misfeats / idiot ideas in Maverick.

Nothing related to Xojo: I do not had time to fire Xojo and add code / design / whatever.