Xojo on Crostini

Wondering if one could install Xojo on Crostini (2018 Pixel Chromebook)? And if possible, would it run normally?

I thought that Crostini was a monitoring app for schools. So, if you are asking if Xojo can be installed and run on a Chromebook, that answer depends on the type of Chromebook you have because you need a real x86/x86_64 system to run either Windows or Linux to run the Xojo IDE as well as at least 8GB of RAM. Regardless, the IDE will not run on ChromeOS.

Crostini is the Linux part of ChromeOS, the newer chromebooks with intel i5/i7 can run linux apps. So my question is, can I install Xojo on Crostini?

Try it and let us know …

Found it - you mean “Crouton” - which is crostini in Italian :). I don’t believe that it will since it’s only a subset of Linux and you’re not running a true X server with GTK3 under ChromeOS.

Console apps should execute fine.

But if desktop where to work, there is a tremendous and growing market for educational software.

not in Europe… schools have to stay clear and free places from any data sucking company not respecting privacy.

Thomas, no offense, but that was not the point. Besides, the biggest market is probably in the US.