Xojo on Click Bait sites

Today I have seen Xojo advertising, on a Click Bait sites almost every page came up with a Xojo Add!, must be getting popular!


(And yeah I was not looking up dental-implants, I was actually googling the last photo that was taken of Elvis.)

Those ads are generated from your browsing history. You see Xojo ads because you are interested in Xojo and may want to purchase it. Unfortunately its marketing dollars lost because you are already a customer.

People still browse the web without ad blockers?

I don’t block ads. If a site uses them too much then I just leave the site and don’t return. Ads are a viable financial model when the site owner is responsible with them.

I do sometimes. Sorry.

But I never clic on Xojo ads, I don’t want them to pay extra for the click.

@Philip Zedalis is right, you must have taken a certain set of actions on our website that triggered an ad. You don’t start seeing ads by just visiting our home page.

I have turned all ad blockers off now that Safari can auto-view all/select web pages in Reader mode and no longer auto-plays content.

how to do the auto view all/select web pages in reader mode??

Preferences window > Websites tab > Reader in list:
When visiting other websites: ON