Xojo on ARM other than RPi?

Hello fellow Xojoists,

Would Xojo Raspberry Pi binaries work on a different board that has the same processor, the ARM1176JZF-S ?

Has anyone tried that?

As long as you have right linux libraries available and right CPU, it should work.

Has anyone successeded in running xojo applications on any other ARM device using linux?

make sure it is an ARMv7 cpu (or newer - if they exist). ARMv6 (and before) dont have the right code in the processors to run Xojo apps.

Xojo uses RPiv2 as a reference model.


I did try on a board with a Freescale i.MX28 (Phidgets SBC3, ARM926EJ-S), didn’t work…

Thats an ARM v5 device - definitely wont work
The ARM926EJ-S processor implements the ARMv5TEJ instruction set …

I tried it on a device called CuBox-i by SolidRun. It has a Freescale iMX6, which is ARMv7. It did work.

could there be a web page with all the tested boards (and their result) onthe xojo main web site ?

we list the ones we officially support - The Pi 2 which runs an ARM CPU that implements the ARM V7 instruction set
others may work but we make no claims about those

I’ve ordered a C.H.I.P. I’ll get it I June or something to try Xojo apps on :slight_smile:

In theory this should be possible to work with Xojo:

  •   ARM® Cortex™-A9R4 Quad-Core (ARM v7 instruction set) 

and would give great opportunities: Lemaker Guitar

I did some tests on a Cubietruck and eeweb as standalone worked perfectly on the unit.

This might give you some info: https://forum.xojo.com/28198-raspberry-pi-zero-the-5-computer/p1#p234082