XoJo on a Kindle

I’m concidering XoJo and would linke to know if anyone could tell me if its possible to use a native XoJo application on a Kindle Paperwhite. I understand its not supported however the PaperWhite is running Linux and can be Jailbroken.

It’s an ARM processor, so no, not yet. However, the web browser on the Paperhite is a surprisingly capable WebKit browser, and you might be able to tune a Web Edition application to work well with it.

Since there is an ARM core in the custom processors that run iOS, lets hope that support for Androids and Linux on ARMs is not far behind.

ARM processors will happen for iOS as will a runtime for iOS.

For Android we’d need a new runtime and from what we know about it, as of today, Android its is a very different beast from everything else in terms of what we’d need to do to put a runtime on it.
Just supporting ARM isn’t enough for Android as we may not even be able to reuse any of our existing linux framework since Android isn’t just another Linux distro - it’s quite different from most desktop Linux distros. It’s runtime is all Java based.
So a compiler that spits out Java byte code is likely more useful as we could convert that to a Dalvik executable and then we still need some runtime framework as well.

Android isn’t going to be “just port linux support and yer done”