Xojo.Net.HTTPSocket TLS handshake error

Hi All,

The program in question is a Console Application (with Daemonize) which runs on a Linux server, with libsoup installed.

Under specific conditions, it instantiates a subclassed Xojo.Net.HTTPSocket to communicate with a FileMaker Web Publishing service which uses XML. The URL it is Sending to is an https URL. More than 90% of the time, all goes fine. Every so often, it gets Error 6; Error performing TLS handshake; An unexpected TLS packet was received.

I did some extensive searching on HTTPSocket, TLS, etc. and have drawn a blank. I even dug into libsoup.

Any thoughts or guidance would be appreciated.

TLS handshake errors do happen from time to time, it’s just the nature of networking. Typically it’s a result of packet loss.

Can’t you just resubmit the request?

Greg, thanks for the follow up. That is the approach I will be implementing. I was surprised in this case because both machines are on a LAN, so I would not have expected a lot of packet loss. In principal, it also seems a bit odd to continually have all the handshaking for TLS for a web server that does not change its certificate. I will continue my research on the specifics of TLS.

Every time a new connection is made, the connection is negotiated. Now with http/1.1, there’s such a thing as a persistent connection so it doesn’t have to reconnect, but both server and client must support it. I don’t know if Filemaker supports persistent connections or not.