Xojo.Net.HTTPSocket; IIS 10; Integrated Security;


I want to use Xojo. Net. HttpSocket instead of classic HttpSecureSocket (even the classic one seems to have more properties).

Does someone know of an example for integrated authentication against an IIS 10 on Windows?
The setting in IIS is indeed “Integrated Security”; I don’t want the users on network use their very own login for the page/REST-API.

Any help would be great.

The problem of calling the web page did not occur with Internet Explorer 11.
But it did with Mozilla Firefox; I had to adjust some settings in browser so authentication finally worked from there.

In Xojo I have no success; do I have to use classic HTTPSocket?

Any help apreciated!
Thanks a lot!

Meanwhile I will check if ChilkatSoft works somehow; they have many examples…