Xojo.Net.HttpSocket error on 2016r3,2018r4

I use Xojo.Net.HTTPSocket on my Project
and I get Error occurred while receiving response from server while the same Service Post is working fine on Postman returning results.

Has anyone any clue on this?

Thank you very much.

A code example would be really helpful here.

Hi Greg,

I searched online about this issue and it might be a Server issue with the Headers. Because the same code is working on the Live Server but it is not working on the Staging one.

Here is the link.


Thank you for your fast response.
I will inform you if it was a Http Header issue as soon as I find out.

The only thing that I am curious is that the Postman is working just fine on both Url and might be very interesting to update Xojo.Net.HttpSocket to work with the same way in order not to have such issues.

The company did not find anything on the server. But I tried using the HttpSecureSocket and it successfully connected while the
Xojo.Net.HttpSocket does not.

Have you any suggestion on what should I try on the Xojo.Net.HTTPSocket in order to work like the HTTPSecureSocket?
Or what might affect the live site to work ok and the staging not?

Thank you in advance

The main difference is that the older one is written in xojo and only supports http/1.0 and the newer one uses native sockets and supports http/1.1. Besides that the number of possible problems is too many to enumerate. It would be better to figure out what’s different between the servers.

I see Greg.

Thank you for your help. I will try to figure it out.
Have a nice rest of your day.