Xojo mislabeled as Abo

And here is another article (in German) mislabeling Xojo as an Abo:



Maybe the 'Strilians here will have something to say. :wink:

well, the good thing is that there is an article!

Took a while to work out what you guys were talking about. :wink:
Abonnement: German = Subscription Model.

Well, it’s a partial subscription model. Partial because if you don’t keep paying you don’t lose the ability to use the product. You can use the last version you’re subscription was valid for. It’s semantics, I know.

Would everyone feel better if Xojo called their model a subscription?

No, the article talked about a yearly fee of at least $100 to be able to work with Xojo. That made a few readers complain about subscription models and how they would never use one. It’s changed and clarified now.