Xojo minimum iOS compile target

What minimum iOS version compile Target is Xojo setting by default in the iOS Apps ?



iOS11 in Xojo 2020r2

Thanks Jeremie

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I think Generic discussion is needed, I have customer that has loads of errors when submitting to App store because of bundle related issues both with my plugins and MBS @Christian_Schmitz

Has Xojo ever listed how we are supposed to finalize our iOS plugins so they end valid ?

You mean case 63555 with the bundle identifiers having underscores?

Possibly !!!

What does that mean for the customer ? that he cannot publish to the App Store ?

Bundle identifiers may not contain underscores.
Apple’s Identifier management page specifies this

But Xojo does use them!

Curiously also I do not have any bundle identifiers in the iOS plugins their just dylib after all. I have not seen from the customer report on that being problem. (will see after I lowered the min version)

In his report I just saw long list of the MBS bundle errors. I might see after his next test error that mine has no plist maybe, I do not know.

Wait wait wait, it is Xojo that is generating that Bundle ID I see in the error report on your plugins, based on the plugin name ? Putting Underscore for where there was space ?

Yes. Auto generated bundle identifiers by Xojo.
They should just remove spaces and make sure they stay unique.

Agreed, so the customer could rename your plugins to remove the space if I am understanding correctly, to avoid the problem for now.

I will sign onto the Feedback issue, its nuts that this is not fixed, its something they should be able to fix fast.

You may tell your user that a fix needs to wait for a Xojo update and the 2021r1 is not yet in testing. And may not for weeks as we don’t know the schedule of Xojo Inc…