Xojo microservice?

I am evaluating Xojo. So far, I like it for desktop development, but I am wondering if I could use the Web version to create a microservice. If so, what control would I place on the form to output the XML/JSON? Is there a way to limit the output to the browser to ONLY the data output, or will Xojo add header and footer information to create a Webpage?

You would use the App.HandleUrl event for this. It will allow you to send just the data.

Additional information about using and creating web services with Xojo:


Thank you, both. I will take a look at the document and give it a try.


At one point I was working on implementing micro services with Luna ( http://timdietrich.me/luna/ ).

Luna was originally designed to be a framework for creating RESTful APIs. I think it could also serve as he foundation for a microservices implementation as well.

I hope this helps.