Xojo Meetings for Canada: Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto?

As you may know I’m coming to Canada later this month for the FileMaker Conference in Montreal.
How about some Xojo meetings?
There is a lot to tell about the recent XDC conference, upcoming 64-bit support and future Xojo releases.
To learn if there is interest and what could be the best dates, I started a few surveys:

Xojo Developer Meeting in Montreal

Xojo Developer Meeting in Ottawa

Xojo Developer Meeting in Toronto

If you could make it to several places, please sign for all. I may not be able to do all, but would be happy to meet a few developers. Recently at the XDC conference I met some people from Toronto and I consider to drive there.
Once we see interest for dates, we can schedule them and look for a location. If you have a recommendation for a restaurant or you can provide a meeting room, please contact me.

Dates are decided:

Friday, 22nd May in Ottawa
Thursday, 28th May in Montreal

if you like to attend (and you are not yet on my list), please email/message me.
Especially if you are not a MBS customer, so I don’t have your email/phone number.

Just arrived in Canada. And I have to tell the Canadian immigration process is much quicker and friendlier than some other country nearby…

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Louis Desjardins was kind to make a reservation for us at The Keg, 25 rue St-Paul est in Montreal.

28th May 2015 at around 18:30 o’clock.

I’ll be there with my MBS T-Shirt and my Macbook.

See you there.

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Lived in Ottawa for a couple years & ate Ontario & Quebec beef
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When you come to restaurant, we are sitting there already with 4 people and the reservation is on Louis. Just go around and find our table. The one with computers on the table.