Xojo Meeting in Montreal, Canada?

I’m coming to Montreal in May and we may organize a dinner with Xojo developers.

Someone interested?

Later in April we can do a poll to find a day and see where people have time.

That would be interesting. I wonder how many of us there are around Montreal.

I have 16 plugin users within 50 miles :slight_smile:

Don’t count on me: Les Canadiens will be at the end of their journey to the Cup and I will not miss a minute of it :slight_smile:

I’ll be there for sure, with one or two of my colleagues.

And Christian, if you need help with something for this little get together, let me know.

Cool. well, first I will take a few lessons to refresh my french :slight_smile:

I’m really at large (très grande banlieue de) of Montreal, you do not know how I would come there ;-:slight_smile:

Even if I live at Strasbourg, not Saskatchewan, my Strasbourg is far, far away.

Et pour le Français (parlé, écrit): pas de soucis !

Christian has been to Wiesbaden a couple of times. That is not too far from Strasbourg in a fast car :slight_smile:

I was once near Strasbourg (pinal, actually), on business. It is definitely on the fringe of the very very much extended Montreal urban community. If you come by car, I suggest the Northern Route. Don’t delay. Road condition will degrade in the spring. We have a pot hole issue that could become critical in your case.

As for French, if Christian wears a Carey Price jersey, he could speak Martian if he wants and that will be just fine.

Don’t worry too much about your French Christian. You can get around fine with English in Montreal. A lot of people speak both French and English, and I would say everyone who works with the public do speak English.

see blog post:

and please use my doodle surveys to help finding dates.

Not unless they get their collective buts in gear against Tampa

They will skate on a very thin ice today.

Votes for dates in the surveys welcome.
Norman, you are not in the area?

Norman is only a 5 hour flight away. Easy enough to get here. :wink:

[quote=185397:@Christian Schmitz]Votes for dates in the surveys welcome.
Norman, you are not in the area?[/quote]
Hahahahahaha … not even close
About 3500 miles away

Put it this way.
Frankfurt to Reykjavík is closer
Frankfurt to Moscow is closer
Frankfurt to Tbilisi, Georgia is about the same :stuck_out_tongue:

For perspective Germany is about 357,168 km^2
My province, like a USA state, is one of the “middle sized” ones - its 661,848 km^2 (just slightly smaller than Texas at 696,241 km^2)
It’s a BIG country

just get on the bicycle and on the way. :slight_smile:

PS: Waiting for some more people on the surveys.

If I started now I might make it in time :stuck_out_tongue: