Xojo Meeting in Kiel, Germany

I have to go to Kiel end of June, so how about a Xojo meeting there?


If you like to attend, please vote on the dates, so we can find a good day.
Meeting could be in restaurant or beer garden somewhere in Kiel.

Wie ist denn das zeitlich zu verstehen?
a) Ab 19 Uhr bis Open End und das an mehreren Tagen?
b) Jeder Tag was anderes oder jeder Tag gleich?
c) Einfach auch Notebook mitbringen?

es wird sich entscheiden welcher Tag, aber es wird nur einer.
Zeitlich könnten wir zum Beispiel für 19 Uhr einen Tisch in einem Restaurant bestellen. Könnte aber auch früher sein.
Notebook mitbringen geht. Dann kann man was zeigen.

Scheduled for 25th June.
If someone wants to join, please contact me soon.

Hey Christian!
I see that the 25th of june is way back on my calendar. Planning on any more of these meetings?
Kiel is just a tiny little bit closer than the meetings in the USA, since I’m from the Netherlands.

Well, I normally organize meetings for the places I go due to other reasons, e.g. a job at a client.

Feel free to organize your own meeting where you live.

My life is not yet “IRL-compatible”, so to speak…
However, I hope it will not last forever and I look forward to meet with you in some day, in some place, Europe or US.
I hope your meetings are valuable for the participants!
At least, the beer is cool, the snack is fresh and the conversation is pleasant…! :slight_smile:

Sweden? It could be possible to have a meeting in Sweden.

Thank you!
However, I think there are not enough active Xojo users in Sweden, also interested in meetings.
It’s my impression.
But at the other hand, nothing lasts forever and thing changes!

There need to be a “critical mass” of users to be enough users to meet IRL. Also, the default setting in every persons agenda is n/a, or “busy doing something else”! It’s the same everywhere. People simply do not have time, for various reasons!