Xojo Meeting in Den Haag


I’ll come to Den Haag in October.

It would be nice if we could organize a meeting of a few Xojo developers for one of the evenings.
Interested? Then please join the survey:



And we decided for Wednesday, 8th October in Scheveningen.
Exact restaurant will be posted later. Suggestions are welcome.
If someone wants to join, please contact me, so I put you on the list and reserve enough seats.

Just a reminder: The event is free of charge.
Of course you have to pay your own food and drinks, if you order something.

it’s tomorrow :slight_smile:

Meeting is tomorrow in Bilderberg Europa Hotel in Scheveningen.
18:00 o’clock meeting in the bar
and for 19:00 o’clock we have reservation in restaurant there.

And it looks we have at least 12 people coming!

Sitting in bar area. First people arrived.
Someone else here?

I wear tshirt with monkeybreadsoftware logo.