Xojo Meeting for Cleveland, Ohio


I’ll go to Cleveland next year and I’m checking to see if Xojo developers there are interested in a meeting in downtown to talk about Xojo.

Here is my survey:

Would be nice if a few people join the survey and later the meeting.


I emailed people, so we got a few more people interested :slight_smile:

Responded to the poll, but count me in. Would be interested in meeting other Xojo users in my area.


7 people, great!
Anyone else?

so I arrive Sunday and meeting is Tuesday, 15th March.
I put all the people from doodle on the list and we’ll see where we have the meeting.

Someone knows a good place in downtown?

Christian please add me to the list. I’ll be traveling to Chicago and can make the trip over to Cleveland as well.

Great. Added

Meeting is 15th March 2016.

suggested location is: The Greenhouse Tavern http://thegreenhousetavern.com

8 weeks left. Looking forward to meet you guys :slight_smile:

We have a reservation for 7pm at the Greenhouse Tavern.
I’ll try to be there at 6 pm and wait near the entry at the bar.
See you there.

Sitting at the bar and waiting for first people to come.

Now sitting around a table in the back of the restaurant

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