Xojo meditating

For testing I sometimes use a 2017 MacBook Air. The speed isn’t great but acceptable. Since I updated to Xojo 2018r1.1 it has been in a state I would call meditating. Select a method + pizza of death. Select another method + pizza. Do a search + pizza. Select search result + pizza. Happens with tiny and large projects.

Haven’t seen this at all with my 32 GB Hackintosh. Xojo memory is at 1,4 GB which is way too high since I restarted the computer yesterday and did only a couple of compiles. Even after restarting Xojo has 1 GB of memory. Is this normal?

Any ideas? And deleting the cache is not a solution.

Xojo 2018r1.1 on Mojave latest beta. Lots of plugins: MBS, Valentina, some Einhugur, Chilkat.

plugins … but which one(s) ?

@Jean-Yves Pochez : MBS (24), Valentina, some Einhugur (4), Chilkat

I wanted to say : this comes surely from a plugin you have installed, but which one is the culprit ?

Xojo must work with all plugins I have installed.

I put Mojave on my old mid-2012 Air that I use on the road. I had the exact same symptoms with a clean IDE, no plugins. In the end I wiped it and went back to High Sierra.

Mojave behaves really well with brief Xcode testing, and other apps. It was just Xojo. But there’s plenty of time yet.

I’ll try to capture more information from the Activity Viewer the next time this happens.

Yes, definitely make a sample. That would help us the most.

I have no issues with the IDE on High Sierra on my Air that’s the version after Gavin’s. However, I cannot debug 64 bit, because as I showed Kem at XDC it takes an eternity to build on that lil guy. Is this a Mojave problem?

@Tim Parnell : I have the same MacBook Air as you have. The slowdown might be a Mojave problem. Even if Xojo isn’t meditating there is a noticeable delay when selecting a method.

Xojo is updating a toolbar button:

+                                                       1735 StudioMainWindow.StudioMainWindow.AdjustUI%%o<StudioMainWindow.StudioMainWindow>  (in Xojo) + 4769  [0x108e236c1]
+                                                         1734 StudioMainWindow.StudioMainWindow.FixUpToolBar%%o<StudioMainWindow.StudioMainWindow>  (in Xojo) + 2104  [0x108e38368]
+                                                         ! 1734 ToolButton.Icon.Set%%o<ToolButton>i4o<Picture>  (in Xojo) + 45  [0x106f9b40d]
+                                                         !   914 UpdateToolbars(ToolItemObject*)  (in XojoFramework) + 269  [0x10c2045e8]
+                                                         !   : 914 ToolbarRemoveItem  (in XojoFramework) + 59  [0x10c2042fb]
+                                                         !   :   914 ToolbarImpCocoa::Remove(long)  (in XojoFramework) + 57  [0x10c1dfdf7]
+                                                         !   :     913 -[NSToolbar _removeItemAtIndex:notifyDelegate:notifyView:notifyFamilyAndUpdateDefaults:]  (in AppKit) + 154  [0x7fff4a871552]
+                                                         !   :     | 913 -[NSToolbarView _noteToolbarLayoutChanged]  (in AppKit) + 47  [0x7fff4a7219e0]
+                                                         !   :     |   901 -[NSToolbarView _syncItemSetAndUpdateItemViewersWithSEL:setNeedsModeConfiguration:sizeToFit:setNeedsDisplay:updateKeyLoop:]  (in AppKit) + 166  [0x7fff4a721a8e]
+                                                         !   :     |   + 871 -[NSToolbarView _layoutDirtyItemViewersAndTileToolbar] 

The project was tiny and had only one class besides the default window. I was moving between methods.

Bug report?