Xojo & MBS

Hi all, firstly, I’d like to offer my greatest appreciation of everything that the lovely people at Xojo does for us. I also want to send out a big shout to Christian Schmitz and I think (Thomas Tempelmann) - for their work on creating the simply marvellous ListboxTV that’s included as part of the MBS plug-ins set. Just wonderful. Big round of applause if you please.

Secondly, I do have one sticky one though - NSScrollViewMBS - how on earth do you get the scroll position of this? Can’t seem to see it anywhere…

As usual, thanks in advance.


Well, from NSScrollViewMBS, you can get the horizontal and vertical scroller.
And NSScrollerMBS class has doubleValue property.

Please note that the latest version may be at https://github.com/tempelmann/XojoListboxTV

Note sure if Christian notices when bug fixes get posted there, and I may simply forget to let him know.