Xojo March 2021 Newsletter

I was reading the newsletter when I saw the information about the videos (both English and Spanish) and was asking myself about subtitles.

Are they subtitled ?

Or: can you share the texts (if you have them) ?

English auto-generated subtitles are available if you can watch on YouTube :slight_smile:

Using You Tube subtitles should be available (if it isn’t let me know). But the vast majority of Xojo Spanish videos are available in English too!

I checked and CC works on the videos on YouTube :grin:


But let me know in this Alyssa account. Sorry to confuse and reply with test account :grimacing:

Sorry, but I do not understand all of these answers.

Subtitles are just a text file away (*). But you mean YouTube is able to add automatically English subtitles t video that do not have ?

  • with VLC for example. It is very easy to add subtitles (if you have the text). But to do so, the subtitled .txt file must reside beside the video file.

It sounds like you haven’t noticed or clicked the little “CC” button.

Hi Tim.

Thank you for this tip.

Yes, you are correct, I do not noticed it. Worst, I quite never go to youtube…

And when I go there, I place that web page in the external monitor and only hear the music, nearly never look at it (when one exists)…

Next question:
Is it possible to download these videos ?

On the Mac use the free ClipGrab ClipGrab - Download and convert videos from YouTube and other sites

Note that you can select which of the available resolutions you want to download (I usually download the 720p version)

Thank you Markus.

Very old Firefox allowed that, but the feature was removed…

85MB to do that ?

Where is this newsletter of which you speak?

Xojo sends the newsletter to your email, check your spam folder.

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Interesting. I can find one in neither.

Does your account settings allow emails from Xojo?

Up until February 2021 newsletter I received them in the inbox, March 2021 is the first time I received it in the spam folder.

If you didn’t receive the newsletter you can contact hello@xojo.com

I checked, it does.
I filled out the contact form again. Lets see

I do not expected this kind of quesion, but I am happy.

Ask dana@xojo.com

The most important information in the March 2021 newsletter is:

Xojo March 2021 Newsletter

Xojo Update

Xojo 2021 Release 1 is currently in testing. If you have a current Xojo Pro license and want to test this release but do not have access on the forum, please contact us. Is your Pro license expired? Renew today to get early access to this release.