Xojo Made FRC Scouting Application

For the 2nd year in a row I’ve created a scouting application for my sons FRC robotics competition. Both years we’ve created desktop (Mac/Win) apps to scout robot design and the results of matches. This year we created an iOS version with a database we can share between devices. We shared the apps with all the teams in our school district.

What’s been cool is the interest from other teams asking how we made it. Of course no one’s heard of Xojo, but I think it would be an excellent tool to get into the hands of high schoolers for apps just like this.

Both apps are available on GitHub (I’ll have to get their URL) and I plan on making a training video out of the iOS app since it has a bunch of different things to make it an excellent app to learn from. Heck, maybe I’ll make a training video on the desktop too since it has some relatively advanced container control work.

Anyway, just wanted to say that Xojo is visible and getting some notice at the Kansas City Regional tournament.