Xojo, Mac App Store and Oh My...

Don’t panic based on speculation? You must be new around here.

Oh right. Sorry.


That better? :slight_smile:

NOW you’ve struck the right tone.

I’m not sure. I notice a distinct lack of blaming Xojo for it, and complaining that they took too long to deliver Cocoa. Perhaps something about the pricing as well. You know, to cover the full bingo.

Don’t Panic. Just bring your towel

It is? when did this happen

purposely taken out of context :slight_smile:

All is lost, all is lost !

What’s worse, I just heard today from TWO reliable sources that, and I quote, “Xojo is dead”. And that’s not at all taken out of context.

Worse still, renowned Xojo developer, Kem Tekinay, quoted the two reliable sources and himself stated (and I quote): “Xojo is dead”.

On the brighter side, I’ve moved up to “renowned”, which, I think, is another way of saying “old”.

Maybe that’s not the brighter side.

I really hope this thread never shows up on Google. Sorry Xojo Inc.

Is it true that Xojo has a plot in Austin next to MPW and Code Warrior?

I got my board shorts in a twist, because we had a brand new app meant to be submitted next week (after WWDC). Now we’re busting our to get everything through this weekend, just in case they do. We’ve had enough delays as it is…

you can make boards out of yer shorts ?


Lets worry about ARM :expressionless:

Then again, I’m trying hard to finish my MAS project before Monday. Just in case.


A few months ago I started to rewrite two of my applications that were created in Xojo using Xcode.

The two applications are now 64 bit and the speed difference is is very noticeable compared to the Xojo versions.

I am not sure if 64 bit had anything to do with the speed increase, but I hope when Xojo 64 bit is available
the same will happen. I am not sure at this point I will be using Xojo as I am getting comfortable with Xcode
and it is free.

Looking at Activity monitor now, 99% of my applications are 64bit, looks like the next progression for apple
to only select 64 bit applications for the app store is coming and makes sense.

Application submitted. Where is my weekend?

I still hope this “x86_64 only” will turn to be just a bad rumor.
Not this year… Please. :wink:

At least it’s time to change to flat design … Hmm … still don’t like it that much. And semi-transparent windows thoughout the system. Wonder if that enhances clarity and readability. On the other hand, I really like the Aero-semi transparent window handles, but the whole window?