Hi again,
Should I do something seemingly very simple, that is, create a public method in my webcontrolwrapper in order to call a javascript function with parameters of a third-party frameworks.
I believe I need to use the method “ExecuteJavaScript (” Xojo.loadScript (… "after that I have dynamically built the string of javascript function with the parameters.
is that correct? If yes, how and what I have to dial the method Xojo.loadscript?
What else should I do?
This function I need to be able to recall all the times that I want by passing different parameters all the time.
Thanks a lot for your help.


Use the loadscript method in your xojo code.

Yes Greg, but about the parameters, I don’t understand what I have to pass in “JSCallback As Function” ?
A xojo function that return the javascript function code ?

No. It’s a string representing a JavaScript function to call once all of the libraries have loaded. If you need to know in your app, put a call to Xojo.triggerServerEvent in there and handle the event in the ExecuteEvent method.