Xojo Licenses

I had a Pro license that I bought in November 2023
I know that I am able to license 3 different machines.
If I download more than one version of the Xojo IDE in the same Mac I was asked for one license for each Xojo IDE version.
I beleive that one license is for one machine and not for each IDE.
So, if I have more than 3 Xojo IDE versions I will be limited to license all them, also being in the same Mac computer ???

This only happens if you have an older version of Xojo and a newer. My guess is that you are using a Xojo version before 2020 or so and a newer one.

Some years ago they have to change something on the license because a Mac update, if I recall correctly.

I remember a post from Xojo if this is limiting you to use the full 3 seats you can contact them at hello@xojo.com for support.

Edit: found where I saw the information,

What @AlbertoD says is true.

With 3 licenses you can install on 3 different computers, but on a single computer you may have as many versions of Xojo you need