Xojo License

Hey Guys,

If I buy a license, can I use the license on multiple machines?

I have a desktop PC and a Surface. I’d like to be able to develop on both. Do I need 2 licenses?


[quote]You are free to:

Install Xojo on as many computers as you like.
Use it free-of-charge to learn programming and/or develop software.
Install Xojo Desktop, Web, Console and iOS Build license keys you purchase on up to two computers. Xojo Pro license keys may be  installed on 3 computers. Xojo Single-Platform Desktop and Raspberry Pi license keys may be installed on only 1 computer.


Many thanks Neil. Apologies that I didn’t read the EULA…

No problem. I actually had to google it as it didn’t seem to be listed in any of the menus on the main web sight.

It’s on the download page at https://www.xojo.com/download/eula.php, in case anyone ever needs to find an updated copy. Alternatively, and even more ‘close-to-home,’ look in your Xojo installation folder; there is a TXT version there, as well as in the “About” menu of Xojo (Licenses).